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Villa Berrada

with Karim El Achak

The site of the project is located in Marrakech, in a very natural and green Neighborhood not far from the center. The design of the project is inspired from cubes that simples volumes and shapes. Every cube has a different internal  functionality and is thought with differents material and natural and sober colors,wood, ground and stone.
Main entrance is opeded on a big stained glass window who permet to have the impression to be in the garden immediately when we entry to the living room. Proportions in the main facade are designed to give a sense of lightness given by the terrace's volume that seems float in the air from the underlying vacuum of the living room opened towards the garden. Traditional moucharabias protect glass window from sun and has a decorativ fonction - important being in very traditional and rich of culture country like Morocco- today looking for a balance between tradition and modernity.


Private Residence Villa





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