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Villa Marrakech

with Karim El Achak

Villa is located in a five hectares land in Marrakech. The style is the classical moroccan, according the proportions, materials and shapes of local tradition. The Villa include a rich program, with residential part and guest areas, sport and spa areas. Every singol space is designed to respect axes ans symmetrical rules, according with  noble palaces's proportional rules.
All spaces are designed opened towards a beautiful garden, decorated with vegetation, water mirrors and traditional moroccan fountains. As every moroccan architecture, this building is very pure and simplified in external volumes and realized with traditional material like the local earth. Once inside we can discover the rich and decorated spaces of moroccan tradition: ZelligesMoucarnasse, cement tiles, wood or plaster decorated ceiling, columns and decorations in stone and marble. Working in this project is like travelling inside the more authentic suggestive,historical and gorgeous Morocco.


Private Residence Villa





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