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with Architectes Associati

Souani is a touristic village in the north part of Morocco, Al Hoceima, today the project is under construction. The site is in a middle of a beautiful forest, opened towards the coast and the sea. The architectural concept is to have differents housing units studied in the form of 3 main modules, mirrored and rotated in order to have the impression that every house is different from the other while maintaining the same stylistic unity. The flexibility of modules permet also to adapt according to esisting trees in order to preserve the forest as possible and avoid cutting them. The building materials are chosen to respect and integrate better into the naturalistic place with using the local stone cladding for the main building facades. An organic system of paths ensures accessibility to housing units and at the same time allows you to enjoy  the nature and the forest surronding.


touristic village


Al Hoceima



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