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Monument to Archimedes

with Pietro Marchese

Archimedes was born in Syracuse and the city has alway wanted give an monument on his honor. The project was created during an european competition and was the winner one of the selection. The realisation of the monument was during winter 2016 and the opening ceremony was the 13th of March, international day of Pi.
The project want to be a travel through the Corpus of Archimedes, where people can discover all work of the great genius. A new meeting-point for the citizen, in a beautiful square opened toward the sea, between old and new city of Syracuse. Virginia Rossello designed a big Stomachion, who receive the visitor who can enjoy the view opened toward the sea, have a sit reading a book, or simply discover throught the symbols all Archimedes's discoveres. The italian sculptor Pietro Marchese made the bronze sculpture of Archimedes, who is finally go back between citizens of Syracuse.






March 2016

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