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Virginia Rossello

Virginia Rossello was born in Genoa in 1988. She carried out her studies between Spain and Italy, where she graduated with honors at the University of Architecture of Genoa in 2012. In the student period she won several awards and scholarships and was involved as an educational tutor to the Mathematic's course at the University of Architecture. During her studies she performed various internships in Italy and in Spain, in the structural engineering studio E.U.T.E.C.A. of Juan Francisco de la Torre (Madrid). After graduation she worked between Genoa and Paris in the 5 + 1 AA design studio of Alfonso Femia and Gianluca Peluffo and after that in the XOLF interior design studio of Jean-Vincent Rischard, based in Paris. From 2013 to 2017 she resided in Morocco, where she collaborated with architect chief project in the Architectes-Associati studio of Karim El Achak and Amine Kabbaj, dealing with public and private projects in Morocco, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Later she collaborated with Jardin Rouge-Association Montresso- Residence of Artists, working as architect on the project of expansion and openness to the public requested by his Royal Highness Mohammed V. 

At the end of 2018 she moved to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, where she collaborated with the architecture firm of Rodolphe Mertens Architectes. She is the winner of the international competition for the creation of the square for Archimedes, in Syracuse. Today this square is open to the public and visitable (Ponte Umbertino, Italy). In 2019 she collaborates as an architect with the firm Frank Thoma. She writes an architecture column every month in the newspaper "Passa Parola Magazine" where she deals with topical themes oriented towards renewable architecture. In 2020 she created her own architecture firm Matching Architecture, which responds to private projects in Luxembourg and abroad. At the same time, since 2021 she has been a trainer in interior architecture for OHC Luxembourg -Office House Capellen-in Luxembourg.


Virginia Rossello takes care of the creative part of the project, the architectural design, the interior decoration, up to the design of furniture and parts of furniture. She collaborates with specialized technical offices in the territory that deal with the plant engineering, technical, construction and operational aspects.


Virginia Rossello


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